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The friendly community of Los Algodones is located in Baja California, Mexico at the California – Arizona border.

It is seven miles west of the city of Yuma, AZ. Traveling on I-8 take Calif. 186 south on Algodones Road, past the Quechan Casino & Resort to Andrade, which is on the USA side of the border.

Access to the community is very easy. You may park on the USA side and walk less then 1 block or park in one of the attended parking lots in the town.

Most businesses are located less then 4 blocks from the border and the currency of choice is the American dollar.

Los Algodones offers a wide variety of curio shops, pharmacies, open air cafes, medical doctors, health professionals, optical dispensaries and a large number of dentists providing quality services and specialized treatments at a cost savings that makes your trip worth while.

Businesses appreciate the support of the visitors and hold several events and activities for all to enjoy.

There has been some concerns regarding the caravan from South America. Please be advised that Los Algodones has NOT been affected by the caravan. They are going to larger cities along the U.S.A. - Mexico border.

American citizens must present their passport or passport card in order to enter into the U.S.A. Children age 18 and under will need to present a birth certificate, naturalization certificate or a passport.

Do not worry if your Spanish is not up to par as most of the businesses have employees that are fluent in English.

Los Algodones is recognized by the American government as a safe community for tourists.

It is a small community of medical professionals catering to snowbirds and seniors. It has been said that Los Algodones is a safe as Disneyland.

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