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My My name is Valerie Coxon and I will be pleased to give a referral for Dra. Yasmin. My e-mail address is valerie@nrspace.com


I wish to give all compliments to Dr. Yasmin Carvajal and her colleagues, Dr. Abdul and Dr. Emma. They placed all their effort in fixing my teeth, and give me the ability to eat all types of foods. Due the work they performed, I do not shy away from the opportunity  to show my teeth in front of company. Dr. Yasmin, Dr. Abdul and Dr. Emma successfully completed eight implants, fourteen crowns, and a few bridges which greatly enhanced my smile.

Before my arrival at Dental Betel (Los Algodones, México), I had a huge fear of dental offices. But Dr. Yasmin quickly made that fear disappear due to her confidence, kindness, professionalism and willingness to challenge every problem which is connected with her patients.

Dr. Yasmin exhibits a very patient character that is willing to answer any questions  that the patient has. She also takes the time to explain the procedure in great detail to the patient. Her office is also very modern and equipped with the newest technology in the dental business.

Once Dr. Yasmin finished working on my dental problems, I immediately recommended her office to all my friends. She also became the major dentist for my wife and our two sons.

Dragan Lekic

Chandler, AZ



Dr. Yasmin has been my dentist since 2005. She and her staff are amazing. My duaghter an I personally visited over two dozen dental clinics in Algodones to talk to the dentist, see their credentials, and check out their equipment, offices, and sanitation. Although there were three that I felt comfortable with when  we visited Dental Betel I was immediately impressed. Her clinic is more state of the art than our dentist here. She is a perfectionist and the clinic and staff are immaculate.

Through the years i have watched Dr. Yasmin constantly updating her clinic and her education. She and her specialist attend seminars and training in California and always use the latest and best procedures and equipment. Since my first treatment I have never considered going anywhere else.

My husband and I are both teachers (retired now) and had Delta Dental Insurance. They required the dental work to be evaluated by a dentist here before they would reimburse us. They selected the dentist and oral surgeon to evaluate the work. Both evaluations rated the dental work has excellent and Delta reimburse us.

After we retired and no longer had dental insurance we still go to Dental Betel because we have complete confidence in Dr. Yasmin. Our family and friends were so impressed that many of them now go to Dr. Yasmin even though it is a 10 hours trip.

Donna Mayle

Hollister, CA

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