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Medical Treatments

UNIDAD MEDICA ALGODONES          NO. 320 AVE "B" & SARATOGA BLVD           011 52 (658) 517-7397          U.S.A. (928) 239-5988


Consultation to treat skin, hair and nail conditions

Skin cancer screening and treatments

Surgery of cysts, moles, tumors, ingrown toenaila, ear lobe corrections, etc.

We have our own Prescription Formulas and Cosmetics Line Products


Cosmetic Procedures

(Ask for free estimates)

BOTOX                                                                             $6.00 / U

After years of squinting, laughing, frowning, smoking and worrying, the

skin around the eyes and on the forehead will often develop deep lines

and wrinkles called “expression lines.” A frequent concern is that they

often make you look older, tired, or stressed.  Until recently, these

advanced furrows have been difficult to treat.  Now by utilizing this

FDA approved muscle-relaxing agent, expression lines can be

significantly reduced.  Botox Cosmetic is currently the #1 cosmetic

 treatment in the United States.


FILLERS:  (Prices are based on 1 cc per syringe)

JUVEDERM ULTRA,  RESTYLANE                           $350

(lasts 8 – 14 months)

RADIESSE             1.5 cc                                               $500

(lasts 18 – 24 months)

VOLUMA                                                                            $450

(lasts more than 18 months)

Byoplasty (PPM)                                                            $300

(lasts more than 2 years)

Face-fill , Biopolimero                                                $250/session

(after 2 or 3 sessions lasts for years

Sculptra                                                                         $250/session

(lasts for 18 months)



Start at                                                                               $300 each



         For Tatoo removal, moles and age spots.      (prices depend on area and extension)               


DIODES LASER        (prices depend on area and extension)


Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are increasingly popular with those who are unhappy

about acne scarring, sun-damaged skin, age spots, freckles, fine lines,

rough skin, uneven pigmentation.  A chemical peel is not limited to the face

and can be performed on the chest, hands, arms, shoulders, and back. 

The various chemical peels offered include glycolic, salicylic acid, Jessner

and Trichloroacetic acid.  Various strengths are available.

LIGHT                                                   $200

MEDIUM                                               $250

MEDIUM-DEEP PHENOL                $350

           Good for blemishes, acne & mild sun damage

GOLDEN PEEL                                   $250

           Good for acne scars and some wrinkles

HAIR REMOVAL  (cost depends on extensions of area)


PHOTOFACIALS              $100 per session

PhotoFacials are a series of Intense Pulsed Light treatments that improve

the appearance of Rosacea, redness, sun-damaged skin, age spots,

skin texture, and photo aging.  The treatment may also improve mild acne

scars, large pores and fine lines.  This exciting treatment involves little

or no “ down time.”  You can resume normal activities immediately.


   ULTRASOUND - CAVITATION                  please ask for price

Fat reduction on abdomen, arms and legs. Can also be combined with Mesotherapy for faster results


   HYDRAFACIAL MICRODERMABRASSION            please ask for price  

Combination of Microdermabrasion and light chemical peel glycolic for aging, dull skin and scars, unplugged pores. Great for oily skin.


  PHOTODYNAMIC THERAPY                        please ask for price

Combination of LEDS or IPL plus topical specific medication is effective to treat pre-skin cancer and some skin cancer.


THERMAGE/RADIOFREQUENCY             $200 per session

to lift sagging skin and jowls and stimulate the collagen in the facial tissue.


Laser Diode

Toenail Fungus Infection

Telangiectasies of face

Spider veins of the face 

            SCLEROTHERAPY  (prices depend on area and extension)


Sclerotherapy is a non-surgical approach to the treatment of varicose

and spider veins of the legs.  A sclerosing solution is injected directly

into the unwanted vein, causing it to quickly disappear.  Each vein may

require several injections.  The larger veins are usually treated first.  A

number of veins may be injected in any one-treatment session.

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