"There is a way to improve your life" 

Anterior Replacement

Why Dental Implants?

Once you learn about dental implants, you finally realize there is a way to improve your life. When you lose several teeth - whether it's a new situation or something you have lived with for years - chances are you have never become fully accustomed to losing such a vital part of yourself.

Now you can start over! With titanium tooth roots Dr. Dominguez can offer replacement teeth that look, feel and function just like natural teeth. Dental implants can be your doorway to renewed self-confidence and peace of mind.

Dental implants fuse with the jawbone to form a secure foundation for tooth replacement.

Treatment Steps:


The first step is the placement of titanium implants to replace your lost tooth. These implants will remain covered underneath the gum for approximately 3 to 6 months. During this time, the implants should fuse to the bone.


The second step of the procedure involves uncovering the top of the implants and attaching a post to each implant. This completes the foundation on which your new teeth will be placed.


The final step is the placement of your new teeth. With techniques that ensure optimal size, shape and fit, your replacement teeth should blend with your remaining teeth.

What can be Restored?

Missing front teeth have unique demands. The challenge is to replace your teeth for both appearance and function without harming your remaining teeth or gum tissue.


Besides good function, the ideal results must look natural both to you and others. The solutions by Dr. Dominguez offer the best appearance possibilities available in dentistry.


The ideal replacement for your missing teeth must also like feel natural and be easy to clean. Knowing your teeth are stable during eating and talking means a lot. You'll also be glad your treatment did not require grinding on your remaining natural teeth.


The long time safety of replacing your lost teeth with dental implants is well established and Dr. Dominguez will discuss with you a treatment plan for long term results.

Our Range of Solutions

Single Tooth Replacement

Posterior Replacement

 Anterior Replacement

 Full Lower Replacement

 Full Upper Replacement

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