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Dr. Roberto Flores, Dermatologist

UNIDAD MEDICA ALGODONES          NO. 320 AVE "B" & SARATOGA BLVD           011 52 (658) 517-7397    U.SA. (928) 224 9674

Skin, Hair and Nail Abnormalities and Diseases

*Skin Cancer Screening

*Varicose Veins and Spider Veins Treatment with Laser

*Cosmetic Chemical Peelings

*Fillers (Restylane, New Fill, Artecol, Aquamid, and Permanent Fillers)  BOTOX, DYSPORT

*Surgical Removal of Benign Tumors and Cysts

*Laser for Hair Removal, Tattoo Removal and Resurfacing

What's New?!


1. Fractional CO2 Laser. Great for wrinkles, acne scars, big pores. Tighten up and lighten the skin





2. Cryolipolisis

Cavicum Freeze lypolisis is a medical-cosmetic system that removes localized fat (abdominal fatfat from the sides ("lovehandles"), the rolls on the back, upper and lower abdomen, as well cesarean scarsexposing them to low temperatures ranging from -14  C to 14  C.
This equipment works by a controlled suction of excess fat tissue, exposing this latter at high temperatures (less than 0),thus ensuring the same freezing without harming surrounding tissues. The Cavicum Freeze lipo is so complete that it combines not only a cold laser and vaccumtherapybut also radiofrequency and ultracavitation.

Before Cryolipolisis

After Cryolipolisis

Before Cryolipolisis

After Cryolipolisis

3. Endopeel

Injections of safe and powerful substance to strengthen muscles and tightenup the skin. Works almost as well as a face lift

4. Plasma Revitalizing Treatment (So called Vampire Style Lift)

Your own blood plasma is used to revitalize skin, scalp and other areas of your body. Works great for wrinkles, acne scar, hair loss and lightens the skin.



5. Laser Treatment For Fungus Infections On Toenails.

No more toxic medications that could damage your liver or kidneys, now with just 3 or 4 sessions you can have nice and healthy toenails.


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